Pet Immune Motion Sensor (SMCMT-10-Z)

  • 50/100lbs selectable pet immunity
  • Ships with a sheet of adhesive masking labels for flexibility in deployment
  • Calibrates per the room environment during the 60 seconds initial power-up.
  • Adaptive 4D signal processing analyzes the size, speed, and shape of incoming signals and adapts its alarm threshold for fewer false alarms
  • True curtain “barrier” coverage patterns

     (See datasheet for details)

Micro Door/Window Sensor (SMCDW30-Z)

SMCDW30-Z Sensor _Magnet 1

■ Easy mount micro design for discreet installation
■ Lithium battery for 5 year battery life
■ Transmitting distance 600 meters (free space)
■ Device and wall tamper switch for added protection
■ Auto update and reconnect solutions
■ LED indicators for pairing status
■ Low voltage early detection
■ Zigbee HA 1.2 profile compatible

(See datasheet for details)

Door/Window Sensor (SMCDW02-Z)

  • Small form factor for discreet installation Easy to mount with included dual-sided tape or by screws
  • Easy to mount with included dual-sided tape or by screws
  • Low battery indication
  • Tamper switch for added protection
  • LED indicator shows sensor paired and unpaired status
  • 802.15 ZigBee HA profile compatible
  • Lithium battery for long life

     (See datasheet for details)

Carbon Monoxide Sensor (SMCCO02-Z)

  • Highly accurate electrochemical CO sensor and sophisticated on-board microprocessor to effectively track CO levels over time
  • Unaffected by normal indoor temperature variations
  • Flashing LED and loud ANSI S3.41 temporal 4-pattern siren provide early warning of CO detection
  • Fully integrated wireless transmitter sends alarm and status messages to the SMC Touchscreen, notifying the user and/or the central station Alarm, RF communication, and full-functional CO gas diagnostics ensure optimal performance
  • Battery operated for continuous protection, even during power outages, with low battery, wall tamper, and sensor end-of-life indications
  • Easy wall installation, with no need for cabling work; simple battery replacement
  • 5-year battery and 7-year sensor life for reduced service calls and lower total cost of ownership.

     (See datasheet for details)

Siren Range Extender (SMCSR01-Z)

SMCSR01-Z angle
  • Boosts the Zigbee range and signal
  • Wireless siren exceeds 85 dB
  • Two bright LEDs provide visual alerts and ambience/situational lighting
  • 24-hour backup battery provides internal power if AC power is interrupted
  • Tamper switch triggers alert due to sabotage or removal
  • Mounting loop for secure AC outlet connection (US version)

     (See datasheet for details)

Water Sensor (SMCWA10-Z)

  • Easy to mount with included dual-sided tape or by screws
  • Lithium battery for long life
  • Low battery indication
  • Tamper switch for added protection
  • LED indicator shows sensor paired and unpaired status

     (See datasheet for details)

Wireless Key Fob (SMCKF01-Z)

  • 5 easy to use buttons
  • 3 color LED event indication/confirmation
  • Long 5-year battery life
  • Low power consumption based on Zigbee
  • Network Protocol
  • Easy association with home network
  • Simple button interface that allows arming / disarming of the home alarm and provides single button panic alarm activation
  • Small form factor for ultimate portability

     (See datasheet for details)

Smoke Alarm (SMCSM10-Z)


85dBA temporal sounder for various audible alerts to occupants
• Heat detection included for comprehensive fire safety
• Built-in drift compensation for consistent performance over time
• Test switch for manual verification of the product

(See datasheet for details)

Takeover Board (SMCTB02-Z)

ZigBee v2 Panel Interface Module Main
  • Single takeover board for all legacy keypads and sensors for cost reduced deployment
  • User configurable zone mapping for concise control, monitoring and alarm services on legacy devices
  • Arm Away, Disarm, Zone By pass for flexible use
  • 30 ft wireless range

     (See datasheet for details)

Glass Break Sensor (SMCGB10-Z)

  • 20 ft (6 m) radius range and 360° coverage pattern protects an entire room with one sensor
  • Factory-set sensitivity for faster installations
  • Recognizes actual pattern of breaking glass across the full audio band
  • Sensor testing with a hand clap

     (See datasheet for details)

Wireless Key Pad (SMCWK01-Z)

Wireless Keypad
  • Single-button interface allows arming and disarming of the home security system as well as the panic alarm activation
  • Multiple colors and flash patterns to indicate system status
  • Lower power consumption for long battery life
  • Easy association with home network
  • Wall mounting template for quick installations on wall surfaces

     (See datasheet for details)

Aegis 3G Touchscreen Alarm Panel (RB6741-Z)

  • Multiple Broadband connections via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G cellular, along with battery backup, provide continuous operation even during power outages.
  • Easy-to-use software interface makes adding new widgets and devices simple. Results in reduced installation times as well as flexibility to add applications such as security, monitoring, home automation, entertainment, energy management, and home health care.
  • A vast array of peripheral equipment supported to solve every home need.
  • With its wireless capabilities and options for desk or wall mounting, the Touchscreen can be placed anywhere in the home.

     (See datasheet for details)

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