Please explore this section to find support information for your SMC product. Access the latest drivers and firmware for SMC’s products and consult the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for troubleshooting purposes. Read SMC’s standard warranty statement, and register your new SMC purchase.

A key source of information for all installation and configuration queries.

Download the latest drivers, utilities, tools and user guides for all SMC products.

Consult this section for customer service information, rebate status (North America only), and returns procedure.

If you are using an older SMC Networks branded switch or wireless product that you don’t see listed in the Support section, please contact Edge-Core Networks for product support. Edge-Core Networks manufactures and supports a comprehensive portfolio of switch and wireless solutions which
includes the SMC Networks branded switches and wireless
products. Please visit Edge-Core at


Support by Email

SMC eSupport for Service Providers and Cable Operators

Support by Phone

How SMC Technical Support Works
We will make our best effort to provide you with assistance, but we will need your help. Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Technical Support call. As our agents are unable to be on-site with you, they will need your co-operation to help in the troubleshooting process.

1. Use our supporting material: Did you read the manual? Have you tried SMC’s online support material and tools? Try doing this first, more often than not you can solve your own problem by spending a few minutes online or looking at your product manual.

2. Be Prepared: Solving technical issues requires information; the more information you can provide to your Support agent the better. Here are a few things you should have ready:

a. Product Information:
Model No., Part No., and Serial No. (typically located on a label on the bottom of your SMC product)

b. Firmware and/or Driver version information

c. Good description of your computing environment: What are you using in your network? For PC’s please be ready to provide:
Hardware description
OS description

d. What were you doing when the problem occurred?
Specific steps that you took before the problem occurred.
Error Messages: Often you will have received an error- message. Please make sure to note that message (It can be very useful to have made screenshots of these error messages.)
With what frequency are you experiencing the problem?

Understand the SMC Technical Support system:
Our Agents are very talented, and will try their best to solve your issue on the first call. If they cannot, they have the support of senior engineers who will then be asked to assist in the analysis. Your problem is our problem, we will find a solution!

You can contact SMC Technical Support at the following number:

800 SMC-4YOU (800-762-4968)