Feel secure, anytime, anywhere, receive alerts, view and respond
while you’re on-the-go via your smartphone


SECURE WATCH provides a cloud-based, video surveillance system for all SMC Networks cameras. It is easy to install and easy to scale.

SECURE WATCH applications support iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux and several web browsers. Its enterprise features, redundant storage, and robust surveillance services are specifically designed to efficiently stream HD video using peer-to-peer or cloud-to-camera connection.

Access Anytime, Anywhere


Secure Cloud Storage

User Management

4 Zone Motion Detection

Multiple Location Camera Network


  • Security wherever you are from your smartphone, iPad, or web browser, in the office, home or on-the-go
  • Simultaneously monitor multiple locations, including remote facilities without IT operations – all you need are IP cameras and broadband connection – and nothing else in between.
  • View, communicate, and protect your pets, family, elderly, and employees as they respond to events or abnormal situations
  • 24/7, off-site, protected long‐term video storage
  • Stay at home and monitor, investigate, and resolve remote situations in the offices, stores, or vacation homes
  • Easily search, playback, document, and export event videos as they happen on a timeline.
  • Dynamic compression technologies provide clear HD images combined with peer-to-peer connection to reduce both bandwidth and storage costs

Secure Watch Datasheet

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Secure Watch for Homes

Home + Events

Relax, knowing that your home is safe 24/7 with Secure Watch.
Receive immediate notifications for movement or sound, automatically record the event, and securely store your video history.

Family + Secure

Family first! Secure Watch can keep an eye on your family members from room to room or from thousands of miles away. 

Animals + Care

Who let the dog out? Will you feed my cats? Watch this trick “Speak” Secure Watch allows you to talk and listen to your best friends.

Helpers + Complete

Stop worrying about your hired help, window cleaner, plumber, carpenter, babysitter, or maids.  Watch to make sure that everything is okay.


Secure Watch for Business

Restaurants and Warehouses
Commercial and Retail Buildings

  • Monitor day-to-day operations
  • Prevent vandalism and create safe environments
  • Help deter dine-and-dashers from patronizing your restaurant
  • Excellent operational tool to monitor people flow and wait services
  • Curtail possibility of theft, liability & injury claims
  • Remote surveillance with smartphone and tablet viewing when on the go
  • More detailed dashboard view and analysis using the PC console.

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